This is the page where I get to show off other people's work.  I'll stick mainly to models of the Titanic, but I'm more than happy to publish other models.  Please send any pictures to

Note:  I've had to delete some of the older pics from this page as I'm runing out of web space.

'Tak' is a Japanese builder who has made some modifications to make his model easier to work on the hull.

Don Butler's finished model

Jim Hatch's Titanic from Mantua's kit


Dean's "work in progress"

Brian Starkey's Titanic

This is Brian's home made cabinet.

Nice !!!!

Jonathan, has built a superb model from the movie, Raise the Titanic.  It's 1/350 scale Minicraft kit, very skillfully modified.


Kev & Joy from South Australia are building the model.  Here is their progress to date.

You can see Kev uses Emery Boards to easy out tight slots, and there is also a bottle of the gunstock finish that he is going to use to finish the decks.

Kev's decks, "before and after."


This is the work of Derek Juszczyszyn

This is a 1/350 scale model by Academy, and is quite stunning.

This is Derek's model of the Titanic as it is now.  This deserves to be in a museum (if it isn't)

Derek has also made a model of the Alvin

Thanks to Derek for sending these to me.  You can contact him by Email at  dderek66@yahoo


This is Ricky's completed model.  Ricky is from Italy


This is Spencer Allen's model.


This is Roger's model.  Roger lives in Canada, as you can guess from the stunning scenery.


Dr. Paul Lee's Model